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How to De-Junk Your Life
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How to De-Junk Your Life

Author : Dawna Walter
Performed By : Dawna Walter
Publisher : BBC Audiobooks Ltd
Duration : 1 hour 10 minutes
Categories : Self Help
Self Help
Non Fiction
Price : $13.49

An inspirational guide to fighting clutter and sorting out your space, based on the bestselling BBC book and TV series.

Clutter can be a huge problem for many of us. We yearn to live in a perfectly-ordered home, but more often than not we find ourselves drowning in a sea of 'stuff'. Not only is it depressing to live in a mess, but accumulating too many things can create negative energy and can even affect your health.

Fortunately lifestyle expert Dawna Walter has the solution. In this essential audio companion, she explains how to take control of your possessions - forever. She demonstrates how to make order out of chaos by organizing your books, CDs and videos; ridding yourself of unwanted sports equipment; recycling old newspapers and ditching unneccessary paperwork. In addition, she gives advice on streamlining your wardrobe, and points out 'scary places' where clutter can lurk, such as airing cupboards, sheds and lofts.

As it can be frightening to contemplate throwing away items with sentimental value, she also provides practical exercises on learning to 'let go', including breathing and visualisation techniques to expel negative emotions, relieve stress and help prevent hoarding habits from returning.

Packed with invaluable advice and quick tips, this audio guide will help you every step of the way, motivating you to let go of all the things you've collected but never used and start afresh.

Written and presented by Dawna Walter
Adapted for audio by Natalia Marshall
Produced by Kate Thomas
Recorded at BBC Audiobooks, Bath, June 2004

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