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Secret Guide to Getting What You Want in Life, The
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Secret Guide to Getting What You Want in Life, The

Author : Maggie Lawrie
Performed By : Maggie Lawrie
Publisher : BBC Audiobooks Ltd
Duration : 45 minutes
Categories : Personal Growth
Self Help
Price : $16.25

What do you want in your life? A new car? More money? Better relationships? Perhaps a new career or peace of mind? The secrets are simple, and Maggie Lawrie - one of the UK’s top success coaches - helps you see how they can work for you. These same techniques have been used by successful people throughout time.

Part 1 shows how you can apply these easy techniques in under one hour and Maggie shares some of her own stories of hardship, happiness, peace of mind and success.

Part 2 will help you uncover what you really want, so you can focus on turning your dreams into reality.

“Maggie helps you believe in yourself and above all her own belief oozes over the airwaves when you listen to her and you really feel that she urges you on and is wanting you to succeed.” --- Miss Z, UK 

“I used these techniques and they are absolutely fantastic, everything has come true”. --- Miss S, New Zealand

“In just 12 months it’s amazing to see how perfectly all the magic has happened in extraordinary detail. We are now living the life of our dreams”. --- Mr T & Miss A, South Africa

“Most of the things I wanted have already come true” --- Miss R, UK (age 9)

"Thank you so much for the information contained in 'The Secret Guide to getting what you want'. I followed your advice and I'm finding that my dreams really are starting to come true." --- Mrs C, UK

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