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Shaping The Game: The New Leader's Guide to Effective Negotiating
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Shaping The Game: The New Leader's Guide to Effective Negotiating

Author : Michael Watkins
Narrator : Grover Gardner
Publisher : Gildan Media Corp.
Length : 5 hours
Categories : Personal Growth
Interpersonal Skills
Our Price : $24.98
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Michael Watkin's bestselling book The First 90 Days: Critical success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels, has become the business bible for accelerating leaders' transitions into new roles. Now Watkins zeroes in on the most critical skill that need transitioning leaders must master in order to create momentum and secure early wins: Negotiation.

In Shaping the Game: The New Leader's Guide to Effective Negotiating, Watkins draws from extensive research and practical consulting work to reveal four fundamental objectives that should guide new leaders in their negotiations with key constituencies inside and outside their organizations. This audio book provides potent guidelines for:

  • Creating maximum value in negotiating with critical stakeholders
  • Capturing a fair share of that value
  • Building relationships
  • Preserving your reputation

Watkins also  presents hands-on strategies that help any new leader become a world-class negotiator, including:

  • Matching your negotiation strategy to the situation
  • Influencing key counterparts' viewpoints
  • Shaping the structure of negotiations in your favor
  • Organizing to improve the negotiation capabilities of your organization

Navigating the myriad high-stakes negotiating challenges that confront new leaders, shaping the Game provides all the tools you need to make the right moves as you climb the career ladder -and to succeed in those roles once you get there.

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