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Lean Body Promise, The
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Lean Body Promise, The

Author : Lee Labrada
Narrator : Lee Labrada
Publisher : Harper Collins US
Length : 3 hours 30 minutes
Categories : Diet & Nutrition
Exercise & Healthy Living
Health & Fitness
Our Price : $22.95 $14.95
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What if I told you that no matter what condition you are in now, I could show you how to make lifelong improvements in appearance, strength, self-image, and confidence in just thirty minutes each day? -- Lee Labrada

The Lean Body Promise holds the ultimate fat-burning solution that will help you release the lean, strong body inside you. In just 30 minutes a day, in as few as twelve weeks, Lee Labrada will show you how to make profound lifelong changes in your body.

After listening to this audiobook, you'll be able to:

Maximize fat loss, strengthem your heart and lungs, and build muscle.
Enjoy more delicious foods while burning more fat.
Switch your body from "Fat-Storing" to "Fat-Burning" mode.
Measure your physical progress easily and accurately, and stay motivated.

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