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Eflexx Sound Meditation, The
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Eflexx Sound Meditation, The

Author : Mike Angulo
Narrator : Mike Angulo
Publisher : Gildan Media Corp.
Length : 48 minutes
Categories : Health & Fitness
Personal Growth
Stress Management
Knowledge & Learning
Our Price : $11.98 $9.98
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This Audio Program will teach you how to meditate so that you can dissolve Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Depression and Sorrow in less than 30 minutes a day!

If you have enjoyed other meditation programs from authors like Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer, you'll also love this Audio Download.

Even if you have never meditated before, this audio program provides easy, step by step, instructions on how to do it.

This Program is Ideal for:

· Job Stress

· Relationship Stress

· Financial Stress

· Anyone who just wants to feel more peaceful, energized and focused!

· Anyone who wishes to connect with their true self.

· Students suffering from Stress

· Stressed-out parents

· Stress related to pregnancy

· Anyone feeling lost or anxious.

· Adults, teenagers and children ages 3+ (Kids love the soothing voice and the relaxing music track).

· Any other type of emotional stress!

The Eflexx “Sound Mediation” audio program was designed to help you feel relaxed and re-charged using sounds that specifically tone and balance each one of the body's 7 energy centers called Chakras. This meditation generates incredible feelings of energy which will also make you feel happy and vibrant in less than 30 minutes.

The program is narrated by Mike Angulo, the author of the "Eflexx Method for Stress Relief”. His soothing narrating voice is complemented by beautiful relaxing music composed specifically for this audio program by Wendy Hawkinson.

The Eflexx Sound Meditation is a unique variation of a very powerful meditation technique that has been performed in the East for thousands of years. It allows all your entire body to vibrate at a specific frequency at a time; thus integrating your mind, your body and your soul into one.

It makes a makes a great gift idea for yourself and for anyone whom you know is suffering from stress or any other painful emotion.

The Eflexx Sound Meditation uses sounds to balance the CHAKRAS. These energy centers go from the base of the spine, all the way up to the top of the head. Each of those chakra points in the body is activated by a certain sound; more specifically, a certain vibration, which activates it or lets it move appropriately.

This is a very simple mediation where you will make specific sounds for each one of those chakras, in order to recharge the batteries of your energy body, and feel peaceful and energized simultaneously.

Location of the Chakras and their respective sounds:

· The Crown Chakra is located at the top of our heads and is activated by the sound of OHM.

· The Third Eye Chakra is located right between our eyebrows and is activated by the sound SHAHM.

· The Throat Chakra is activated by the sound HAHM.

· The Heart Chakra is activated by the sound YAHM.

· The Solar Plexus Chakra is in our abdomen, and is activated by the sound RAHM.

· The Sacral Chakra is in the area of the reproductive organs, and reacts to the sound of VAHM.

· The Base Chakra is located all the way at the bottom of our spine and it is activated with the sound LAHM.

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