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Inside Out - A Personal History of Pink Floyd
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Inside Out - A Personal History of Pink Floyd

Nick Mason
Narrated By : Nick Mason
Published By : Orion Publishing Group
3 hours 20 minutes
Categories : Rich & Famous
Arts & Drama
Download Price : $15.99
Pink Floyd is one of the most creative, successful and enduring bands of all time. Nick Mason's Inside Out marks the first time that a Pink Floyd member has set down his Individual version of their story. "Of course, " he says, "everyone has divergent views of what actually happened. I've tried to be honest about disasters and triumphs, and not to take all the credit - though I've been delighted to share out any blame."


As the only constant member throughout the 40 years of the Floyd's existence, Nick has been able to observe every phase of their career from his drum stool, including their time as the darlings of London's late-1960s underground; the deterioration and departure of Syd Barrett; the huge worldwide success of The Dark Side Of The Moon , one of the bestselling albums ever; the rift with Roger Waters ; and the subsequent decision by Nick and David Gilmour to put their reputations on the line and continue as Pink Floyd .

On this audio edition of Inside Out , Nick Mason reads his personal history of Pink Floyd - each chapter linked by his selection of the sound effects that have been such a part of their distinctive sound. In addition to his own memories and research, his account has drawn on the thoughts and reminiscences of key players in the Floyd's saga, which he has updated to include the band's reunion with Roger Waters at the Live 8 concert in Hyde Park in July 2005. A 32-page booklet contains many rare photographs from his own archive.

'Anything but a hymn of praise to the mighty Floyd. Mason's drummer's tale is unstintingly and amusingly disrespectful about the band' - The Sunday Times

'As charmingly English as Pimm's and heatstroke on a balmy summer's day' - Q magazine

'Rock's little drummer boy grows up into a sex cymbal. With a wit drier than an AA clinic, and a charm more disarming than a UN peace-keeping force, Nick Mason gives us a literary drum solo par excellence' - Kathy Lette

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