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Welcome to Your Crisis
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Welcome to Your Crisis

Author : Laura Day
Performed By : Laura Day
Publisher : Hachette Audio
Duration : 3 hours
Categories : Self Help
Personal Growth
Price : $24.98 $17.49
The moment your life falls apart is also the moment your new one begins, says Laura Day . It is the moment when illusion and deception fall away and naked truth emerges. Crisis can be extraordinarily painful. But, when approached head-on, it can also be a source of power, hope, and vision — and the start of the life you really want. Bestselling author Laura Day has helped countless individuals through their worst moments: the death of a loved one, the end of a marriage or friendship, the loss of a job. In this inspirational new audio book, she draws from that depth of experience to guide her listeners out of crisis and toward the flourishing lives beyond, providing step-by-step advice and exercises that are as practical as they are revolutionary.


Crisis can be the most authentic version of self-transformation. Points of crisis bring us face-to-face with our deepest doubts and fears, and our most essential aspirations. And this means that our response to change is every bit as important as the change itself. Laura Day identifies several types of reactions to crisis — people may respond with denial, anxiety, rage, or depression. She tells listeners how to rethink each response, and she gives practical and personalized tools for turning the lowest times into the greatest gifts. Through the exercises, rituals, and activities Day prescribes, listeners can learn the best practices for rebuilding a more meaningful life. Getting through crisis is part acceptance, part reinvention, and this audio book provides invaluable lessons for closing one chapter and beginning the next. Remember, as Laura Day says: Rock bottom can be the best place to start. Laura Day's direct, hands-on, and compassionate brand of self-help affirms as it challenges, with a radiant wisdom that has earned her praise from Demi Moore, Deepak Chopra, Brad Pitt , and famed scientist James Watson , as well as appearances on Oprah and The View . With the accessible and provocative style that made her book Practical Intuition a bestseller,

Laura Day helps listeners embrace where they are and pick up from that point. Welcome to your crisis. An experienced adviser and intuitive, Laura Day teaches her methods worldwide and also works as a consultant to major businesses.

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