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Making of Modern Medicine, The
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Making of Modern Medicine, The

Author : Andrew Cunningham
Performed By : Andrew Cunningham
Publisher : BBC Audiobooks Ltd
Duration : 6 hours
Categories : Health & Recreation
Social & Economic
Price : $29.49

The Making of Moder Medicine covers over 2000 years of medical history and draws on a vast range of original sources from diaries, medical journals and stage satires to shed light on the experiences of physicians, surgeons, nurses and patients.

From classical beliefs about illness that would dominate medical thinking for centuries, through to the rise of the great hospitals and the work of the Renaissance anatomists, this fascinating and entertaining series reveals how, in the early 19th Centuriy, modern scientific medicine was born out of a medical "Big Bang" erupting from the white heat of the French Revolution, which would lead to clinical medicine as we know it today.

Written and presented by Andrew Cunningham, an authority on social and scientific medical history, it includes a wide variety of highly illustrative extracts read by acclaimed actors including Tamsin Greig, Annette Badland, David Rintoul and Peter Capaldi.

Whether you're interested in what it was like to be ill in earlier times, the emergence of women in medicine, the advent of the stethoscope, or the development of antibiotic treatment, this series offers an entertaining and thought-provoking insight into these and many other medical issues.

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