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Thousands Who Thought They Never Could Have Found Their Fitness Instinct
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Thousands Who Thought They Never Could Have Found Their Fitness Instinct

Author : Liz Lipski, PhD, CCN
Performed By : Liz Lipski, PhD, CCN
Publisher : Innovative Healing Inc.
Duration : 1 hour 7 minutes
Categories : Diet & Nutrition
Self Help
Alternative Therapies
Price : $7.95
An interview with Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, and author of The Fitness Instinct
Enjoy a fun hour that reveals a lot about the inner you that craves physical activity. You’ll learn which of four basic fitness personalities you may be, and then you’ll have a chance to hear about different movement styles designed to knock down any barriers, and make fitness a perfect fit.
·         How finding your “fitness personality” can make exercising easy
·         30 minutes of daily movement just won’t cut it - your body demands 4 hours
·         Discover which personality type you are (Stroller, Racer, Dancer, or Trekker)
·         Tips that will motivate you to begin exercising - starting is the hardest step!
·         How the ice cream shop and exercise can actually go hand-in-hand
·         How to “Move like a Child” and stop your range of motion from shrinking
·         Strength training helps osteoporosis prevention and muscular strength
·         2 Eastern energy systems that build energy and protect your immune system
·         NIA, Yoga, Salsa, and several other great aerobic workouts
·         Why swimming will not take the weight off, but why walking will
·         Advantages of ellipticals as exercise machines for your home
·         Why steppers and Stairmasters can be big stressors
·         Discover the dangers of over-exercising
Dr. Meg Jordan, PhD, (Medical Anthropology), Registered Nurse (RN) is President of Global Health Media, Editor of 'American Fitness Magazine' and a woman who has motivated millions to live healthier, more fulfilling lives. Author, speaker, international health journalist, Meg is one of the most recognized names in health and wellness reporting.
Liz Lipski, PhD, CCN Is the host of the Access to Health Experts interview series. She holds a doctorate and is board certified in Clinical Nutrition, is the author of Digestive Wellness, Digestive Wellness for Children, and Leaky Gut Syndrome. She’s the Director of Doctoral Studies at Hawthorn Health and Nutrition Institute, and the nutrition editor for Pilates Style Magazine. Dr. Lipski is the founder of several web-based health information sites including Innovative Healing and Access to Health Experts.

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