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Super Foods Healthstyle
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Super Foods Healthstyle

Author : Steven G. Pratt, M.D and Kathy Matthews
Performed By : Eric Conger
Publisher : Harper Collins US
Duration : 6 hours
Categories : Diet & Nutrition
Health & Fitness
Price : $29.95 $19.95

SuperFoods Rx is based on a simple but profound premise: some foods are dramatically better than others for our health and longevity.

Steven Pratt, M. D, witnessed the positive results that occurred when his patients changed their diets to include certain powerhouse foods—those he has identified as SuperFoods. Backed by research on 14 of the most nutrient-dense foods, this audio gives you the tools to more energy, protection against disease, and a healthy lifestyle.

Steve Pratt. M. D., is an authority on the role of nutrition and lifestyle in the prevention of disease and optimizing health, and the author of the bestselling SuperFoods Healthstyle. He is a senior staff ophthalmologist at Scripps Memorial Hospital.

Kathy Matthews has coauthored several health and medical bestsellers including SuperFoods Rx and Medical Makeover.

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MindBody Health Audio Series:  Enhancing Chemotherapy

MindBody Health Audio Series: Enhancing Chemotherapy

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Seven Secrets to Healthy Relationships for Singles and Couples

Seven Secrets to Healthy Relationships for Singles and Couples

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A Guide To Eliminating Stress and Anxiety

A Guide To Eliminating Stress and Anxiety

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Performed By : -
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Self Help
Stress Management
Price : $13.25
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