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Woman's Guide to Football, A
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Woman's Guide to Football, A

Author : Paula Duffy
Performed By : Paula Duffy
Publisher : Gildan Media Corp.
Duration : 47 minutes
Categories : Sports
Price : $9.98

Hail Mary, Sports Widows! Get off the bench and into the game with a relationship kick off that will lead you straight into the end zone. In less than an hour, you can learn all the football basics you need to help you connect with your favorite guy.

Join in the fun as Paula Duffy, lifelong sports enthusiast and founder of Incidental Contact (, a sports learning site for women, entertains you with the basic rules of the game, information on the players and what they do, and common terms used by announcers as well as how to use what you've learned to get and keep a guy's attention as you "Talk Sports".

A firm believer that a little sports knowledge can go a long way, Duffy says "sports talk is the most easily learned and best way to break the ice in any context…at home, in business or at play. I am here to debunk the myth that men don't like to talk. Men do like to talk…sports".

So ladies, your fumbling days are over. It's time to move out of the stands and onto the playing field to grab that tight end you want to get to meet, or a boyfriend or husband you want to know better.

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