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Pembrokeshire Wizard, The
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Pembrokeshire Wizard, The

Author : David Senn
Performed By : Jimmy Hibbert
Publisher : Big Cat Corporate Communications
Duration : 1 hour 10 minutes
Categories : Exercise & Healthy Living
Myths & Legends
Price : $20.49
There are 5 quests for you to undertake throughout Pembrokeshire, a county in Wales, in the UK.
When completed the adventure continues to find the Golden Cup of Knowledge on the PC Quiz Game.
If you are successful you will be awarded a Pembrokeshire Wizard Certificate of Merit.
Each dramatized quest consists of a simple walk (3.5 miles maximum).
Pwll, The Prince of Wizards, will guide you, taking you back in time telling you the History, Legends and Myths of this enchanting land.
The start of the challenge lies within your hands –
  • Journey to the Saintly Peninsular and find a secret sign
  • Listen to the Battle of Witchcraft and Wizardry at Garn Fawr and find a special kind of rose on its summit
  • See the magic stones of Pentre Ifan and answer the Druids Riddle
  • Visit the enchanted castle of Carew and discover its ghosts (involves paying a small entrance fee)
  • Voyage to Skomer, the Island of Birds, and find the real treasure (involves paying a boat and landing fee)
This title includes the audiobook and quiz game downloads, plus a Guide Booklet in Adobe pdf format. We suggest you print the pdf file at home, and take it with you on each quest. The Quiz can be installed on your PC should you wish to take part in the Game.
If you do not have Adobe pdf Reader software installed on your PC, it can be downloaded free from
Before each quest look at the track list in the pdf guide booklet, then listen to the appropriate tracks for your chosen quest on the audio download and read the instructions  for that quest in your printed guide booklet.
Before the start of each quest, transfer the audio download to a personal stereo player of your choice, preferably one with portable speakers so the family can listen together. At specific locations during  the quest you are prompted in the pdf guide booklet to play the appropriate track.
When you have completed all the quests test your knowledge on the PC Quiz Game if you have installed it. Successful completion of the Game results in the Pembrokeshire Wizard Certificate of Merit, which can be printed off at home !
As this product was originally made for playing on an audio CD within the text of the pdf guide booklet there are references to "CD". Please substitute this term to mean " your audio download" also please substitute the term PC CD Rom to mean your "quiz game download."
All reasonable steps have been taken to ensure that all elements included in this title are free from viruses. If in any doubt we suggest you download the files but before playing/installing them, use your preferred anti-virus software to scan them.
Minimum system requirements for Quiz Game: PC: Windows XP - Pentium 3 - 1.5GHz or above - 256Mb RAM - Onboard graphics and sound - Colour printer. Unfortunately at this time the Quiz Game is not available in Mac format. Pembrokeshire Wizard hopes to be able to provide a Mac version in the near future.


The Pembrokeshire Wizard is to be used only with the express understanding that the makers, producers, owners, and investors of the Pembrokeshire Wizard, cannot be held legally liable for any injury, accident, or other damage suffered by a user of the Pembrokeshire Wizard. Big Cat Corporate Communications Ltd producers of The Pembrokeshire Wizard makes no representations as to the safety of the quests. The user expressly accepts and assumes any and all risks that may exist in the use of The Pembrokeshire Wizard. The Pembrokeshire Wizard is a unique experience, set in the real world. Use common sense. Be ready for the unexpected. As you do in real life.


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