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Optimum Body Performance: Motivation for Exercise - Exploring Affirmations
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Optimum Body Performance: Motivation for Exercise - Exploring Affirmations

Author : Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht
Performed By : Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht
Publisher : International Medical & Health Writers, Ltd.
Duration : 1 hour 18 minutes
Categories : Alternative Therapies
Exercise & Healthy Living
Self Help
Health & Fitness
Price : $19.95
  "Each morning we wake up to our daily life.  Most of our activities are on automatic pilot.  You might not even remember doing some things, such as brushing your teeth or driving to work. Automatic pilot is a trance state that can be very useful for what is considered the habitual activities of life & exercise needs to be one of these."......Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

Affirmations are self-talk statements & best presented to the subconscious mind in the state of deep relaxation.  These new messages with accompanying images are seen as "believable" by the subconscious mind & are placed in the proper subconscious library files.

This audio is designed to take the listener to that state & through special imagery to assist in developing the inner tools for high level focus on memories of the motivational state, allowing the joining of these memories & transporting the images to the future time-line where they are programmed for enhancing exercise motivation.  These types of affirmational/suggestions plant new neuronal pathways in the mind, enhancing the ability to "play" these new powerful images.  Old images related to negativism, powerlessness, lack of initiative,  powerlessness, weak goal images & the ability to formulate & work  a goal action plan are diminished.  The listener is able to hear new self-talk statements which the subconscious mind sees as "true."   Areas of the audio program are "Interactive" thereby allowing the listener to make all personalized affirmational suggestions to the subconscious mind.  

This audio includes deep relaxation, entry tools to the subconscious mind, imagery designed specifically for emotional & thought management, inner motivation & lifestyle change, as well as Interactive Self-hypnosis © practice. 

Note: All programs produced by International Medical & Health Writers, Ltd. are written & recorded by Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht.  Each program has 2 or 3 separate original Interactive Self-Hypnosis Sessions, each with it's own induction.  All programs include directions for listening & other important information. 

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