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Feminist Fantasies
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Feminist Fantasies

Author : Phyllis Schlafly
Performed By : Marguerite Gavin
Publisher : Blackstone Audio Inc
Duration : 8 hours
Categories : Knowledge & Learning
Personal Growth
Self Help
Price : $32.95 $16.95
"It's almost unfair for Schlafly to train her analytical mind on the feminists. Time and again
she goes like a heat-seeking missile to the heart of the matter. Schlafly is brilliant, beautiful, principled,
articulate, tireless, and most important, absolutely fearless. And, as this book demonstrates, she is
always right. She has always been right. She will always be right."Ann Coulter, author of Slander

No ideological assault has been more ferocious than radical feminism's forty-year war against women. And
no battlefield leader has been more courageous than Phyllis Schlafly. In these dispatches from the battlefront,
feminism's most potent foe exposes the delusions and hypocrisy behind a movement that has cheated millions
of women out of their happiness, health, and security.

Phyllis Schlafly was one of the first to recognize that radical feminism, like other destructive ideologies, is at
odds with human nature. So as the rest of the intellectual elite fell compliantly into line, she took up the fight
for the right to be a woman. Feminist Fantasies is the inspiring story of that fight.

Phyllis Schlafly is America's most articulate and successful opponent of radical feminism, who led a victorious ten-year battle against the Equal Rights Amendment. She has been a national leader of the conservative movement since 1964 and is the author or editor of twenty books, including A Choice, Not an Echo.

Marguerite Gavin grew up on the Chesapeake Bay. She holds an M.F.A. in acting and a B.F.A. in theater. An actress working in theater and audiobook narration, she is also artistic director of a youth theater program. She lives in the Washington, D.C., area with her husband and son.

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