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Lies at the Altar: The Truth About Great Marriages
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Lies at the Altar: The Truth About Great Marriages

Author : Dr. Robin L. Smith
Performed By : Dr. Robin L. Smith
Publisher : Hachette Audio
Duration : 3 hours 30 minutes
Categories : Self Help
Sex & Relationships
Personal Growth
Interpersonal Skills
Knowledge & Learning
Price : $24.98 $17.49
When you pledge commitment for better or worse, are you thinking, "As long as it's mostly better, and as long as it works for me"?


In Lies at the Altar: The Truth About Great Marriages , Dr. Robin L. Smith addresses the unspoken needs, unasked questions, outrageous expectations, and hidden agendas that often linger beneath the surface of the wedding vows—and later cause power struggles, suffering, feelings of hopelessness, and failure in marriages.

Lies at the Altar shows every couple how to take the wedding vows they made in earnest and in innocence, and turn them into a promise to build a happy, healthy, satisfying, and long-lasting marriage.

With moving stories and personal journeys Dr. Smith reveals why it's important to have one's "eyes wide open" in a marriage; how to write true vows to live by; and why it's never too late to rewrite your vows.

Whether people are heading to the altar, suffering in an unhappy marriage, divorced, or simply want to bring more satisfaction and intimacy into their relationship, Dr. Smith shows couples how to create Truth—the secret ingredient of great marriages.

If you are ready and willing to stop the merry-go-round of settling for less than your heart desires, and you want the reward of a secure and passionate marriage, Dr. Smith gives you everything you need to make the journey from acceptable misery to outrageous joy and satisfaction.

Dr. Robin L. Smith is a licensed psychologist, television personality, and author, who appears regularly as an expert for The Oprah Winfrey Show. In addition to her private practice, Dr. Smith teaches as an adjunct professor at Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary. She lives in Philadelphia.

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