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Awakened Mind System
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Awakened Mind System

Author : Dr Jeffrey Thompson
Performed By : Dr Jeffrey Thompson
Publisher : Simon & Schuster
Duration : 2 hours
Categories : Meditation
Self Help
Self Help
Price : $19.98 $11.98
Awakened Mind System


We all seek a state of higher consciousness that awakens and enlivens our whole being. Masters of meditation and yoga, great artists, inventors, and highly accomplished people in many walks of life have learned to Develop and Live from such a state.

British researcher C. Maxwell Cade spent decades analyzing  the brainwave patterns of these extraordinary people. He discovered that they each shared a common pattern of brainwaves, which Cade called the Awakened Mind Pattern , and which he believed held the key to tapping into one's highest potential.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson , author of the Awakened Mind System,  uses pulses of sound combined with a lush ambient soundtrack. As you listen, your own brainwaves begin to reflect the Awakened Mind Pattern, helping you to access the enormous benefits of this heightened state of consciousness.

Based on over 15 years of pioneering clinical research.

Use with headphones or ordinary speakers. Contains no spoken words or subliminal messages

The Author:

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's pioneering work with thousands of patients has led to groundbreaking discoveries in how sound frequency patterns built into musical soundtracks induce brainwave entrainment.

Dr. Thompson's audio programs are used by psychotherapists, hynoptherapists, MD's, chiropractors, and bodywork professionals in 26 countries.

Program 1 Inner Awakening
Deepen Meditation , Access Intuition and Insight,  Nurture Healing and Renewal

Program 2 Dynamic Transformation
Enhance Creativity,  Sharpen Clarity,  and Focus Draw on Your Deeper Wisdom

How often have you truly experienced joy and deeper happiness?
John Mignano from Warburton - 12 Mar 2007
Listening to this audiobook has changed the way I look and feel about my life. Everyday we all experience emotions. But the real question is how to deal with patterns of anger, hurt, disappointment, frustration, and fear? What about joy and deeper happiness? Do you know how to really enjoy this state of awareness when it comes your way?

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