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How to Talk to Anyone
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How to Talk to Anyone

Author : Leil Lowndes
Performed By : Leil Lowndes
Publisher : Listen & Live
Duration : 4 hours
Categories : Sex & Relationships
Sex & Relationships
Interpersonal Skills
Price : $23.95 $15.75

Have you ever admired those successful people who seem to have it all? They chat confidently at parties, speak well in business meetings, and have the best jobs, nicest parties, and most interesting friends.

But they're not necessarily smarter than you or even better looking. What it comes down to is their more skillful way of communicating with other people. With Leil Lowndes' easy and effective techniques, you will discover how to become a master communicator in life, love and business.

Combining the latest research with Lowndes' trademark wit and warm-hearted observations of human foibles, How to Talk to Anyone shows you how to;

-Make an unforgettable entrance and meet the people you want to meet.
-Use body language to captivate audiences of all sizes.
-Sound like an insider in any crowd, no matter how little you have in common.
-Work a party the way a politician works a room.
-Always come across as confident, credible and charismatic wherever you are.

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