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Discover Your Genius
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Discover Your Genius

Author : Michael J. Gelb
Performed By : Michael J. Gelb
Publisher : Harper Collins US
Duration : 6 hours
Categories : Creativity
Self Help
Price : $29.95 $16.95
Imagine unleashing your creativity by letting your imagination enjoy the benefits of the type of mental play that helped inspire the theory of relativity. Or evaluating your business climate with the combination of keen observation and an open mind that yielded the theory of evolution. Or navigating your life path with the same love of knowledge and truth that spawned all of Western philosophy. The individuals behind these revolutions of thought live on in our collective memory as models for tackling the challenges that lie ahead. The difference between your mind and theirs is smaller than you think, and is determined less by inborn capacity than by passion, focus, and strategy -- all of which are yours to develop.

Everyone has the potential for genius. The full expression of your unique genius awaits you in these pages! In Discover Your Genius, Michael J. Gelb draws upon the wellspring of history's most revolutionary minds to guide you to unleash your own creativity through mental play. Searching for the most world- shaking ideas, discoveries, and innovations, Gelb assembled a "genius dream team" comprising ten individuals, each of whom embodies a special "genius" characteristic that you are invited to integrate into daily life.

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