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John Dewey
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John Dewey

Author : Professor John J. Stuhr
Narrator : Charlton Heston
Publisher : Blackstone Audio Inc
Length : 2 hours
Categories : Philosophy
Our Price : $9.95
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John Dewey was America's most influential philosopher. He wanted philosophy to rise above
old tired disputes to address new, more vital questions and problems. Dewey's views are known as
"pragmatism," which emphasizes action and results. He believed that knowledge and ethics, as well as
art and religion, live only in the daily practice of one's life. Philosophy isn't a system of beliefs but a practical,
empirical method of inquiry. It is one with education, which continually develops and renews the capacity for
new habits.

Dewey believed that the scientific method can be extended to human affairs. Properly applied, it enables us to
organize society to enhance personal happiness and community cooperation. Democracy, for Dewey, is more
a way of life than a form of government; each person should help create and direct the social forces that affect
our lives.

University of Oregon

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