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Saw The Lord, I
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Saw The Lord, I

Author : Anne Graham Lotz
Narrator : Anne Graham Lotz
Publisher : Zondervan
Length : 5 hours 30 minutes
Categories : Christianity
Our Price : $24.99 $16.24
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" We are living in a generation that desperately needs a fresh vision of God ".

Gifted Bible teacher and international speaker Anne Graham Lotz believes that our world today is desperate for churches filled, not with good Christians, but with great ones-men and women like Isaiah, the greatness of the Old Testament prophets, who have had a fresh vision of God, who enjoy a vibrant, personal relationship with Him, and whose lives are empowered to change the lives of others. In this Scripture-inspired presentation, she guides you in seeing that vision so that you can have a genuine experience of personal, life changing revival.

" My prayer is that these words will be a wake-up call to you ," writes Anna. " I pray that, by following Isiah's example and being ignited by God's Spirit, you will see a fresh vision of Jesus, so that you too can exclaim "I saw the LORD! "

Anne Graham Lotz , founder of AnGel Ministeries and award winning author of 8 books, has carried the gospel message to more than 20 different countries. In her Just Give Me Jesus revivals held in major cities throughout the world, she urges listeners to share " the cry of my heart for a fresh vision of Jesus "-an encounter with God that will bring heaven down into your everyday life.
your everyday life.

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