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We Are Their Heaven
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We Are Their Heaven

Author : Allison DuBois
Narrator : Allison DuBois
Publisher : Simon & Schuster
Length : 6 hours 30 minutes
Categories : Religion & Spiritual
Self Help
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From the bestselling author of Don't Kiss Them Good-bye ... inspiring true tales of hope and renewal


The inspiration for the hit television series Medium , Allison DuBois now brings listeners into her psychic experiences in We Are Their Heaven . Recalling her communication with spirits who have touched her over the years, she reveals that the dead are trying to reach their loved ones all the time—not because they're bound to us, but because we are their happiness, we are their heaven.

In moving stories of loss and connection, Allison presents the riveting details of some of her most memorable readings, and her clients share the significance and impact of their experiences making contact with long-lost loved ones. Drawing on her years as a medium, she discusses the essential elements of communicating with the deceased, explaining the need to read both their signs (the message) and their signature (the unique information). She also explores some of the methods used by the dead to contact us, including timing, coincidence, auditory and sensory communications, incident manipulation, dreams, and visions.

Guided by her strong desire to help these two worlds connect, Allison offers a message of comfort for anyone missing a loved one: through the thousands of readings that she has done, no one has come through to say "good-bye" but rather to say "hello again."

Allison DuBois's unique story, the inspiration for the hit NBC TV series Medium started during her senior year at Arizona State University while she was interning at the D.A's office. Soon after, researchers at the University of Arizona validated her ability through a series of tests. Allison donates her time to missing persons and criminal cases for agencies across the country.

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