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How to Be a People Magnet
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How to Be a People Magnet

Author : Leil Lowndes
Narrator : Leil Lowndes
Publisher : Listen & Live
Length : 3 hours 30 minutes
Categories : Self Help
Personal Growth
Sex & Relationships
Interpersonal Skills
Our Price : $15.95 $10.49
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Are You Ready to Attract a New Friend or Lover?

Some people seem to captivate everyone they meet. They get invited to parties, have more dates than they can handle, and find faithful friends who would do anything for them. What's their secret? It's very simple: They use the techniques found here. How to Be a People Magnet will teach you proven ways to:

  • Make strangers like you instantly
  • Use five body-language tricks to make someone think of you as a romantic partner
  • Make everyone around you feel special
  • Listen to someone's heart, not his or her words
  • Avoid the two biggest mistakes when meeting someone new
  • Develop a round table of friends who will be there for you, whatever happens
  • Give the one response that separates social winners from social losers

How to Be a People Magnet gives you the key to spreading sunshine wherever you go, leaving people smiling in your wake, and wishing they were with you—for a day, for a date, for a lifetime.

Written and read by Leil Lowndes

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