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Boosting Your Confidence
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Boosting Your Confidence

Author : Andrew Johnson
Narrator : Andrew Johnson
Publisher : Andrew Johnson
Length : 32 minutes
Categories : Personal Growth
Interpersonal Skills
Self Help
Our Price : $24.00 $10.00
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Whether it’s in the workplace, school, in relationships or in the sporting arena, this Hypnosis CD will help build your self confidence and self-esteem and will also help to dissolve negative thought patterns and habitual behaviours.

Reviews of this CD

Email from Derek, England.
I find it hard knowing how to explain the results of listening to this CD: Things just seem to have changed!

I feel more centred and colleagues have been commenting on my sales performance and asking what my secret is. All I know is that over the last month or so things have seemed so much easier for me and I am much happier in all areas of my life – Thanks!

Email from Graham, Ayrshire
Thanks for the brilliant CD, I am recommending it to all my workmates.

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