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Speaking Effective English
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Speaking Effective English

Author : Bettye Pierce Zoller, John Arthur Watkins and Hugh Lampman
Narrator : Bettye Pierce Zoller, John Arthur Watkins and Hugh Lampman
Publisher : Simon & Schuster
Length : 2 hours
Categories : Interpersonal Skills
Our Price : $19.95 $10.95
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In this breakthrough audio program, three of America's top voice coaches give you the tools you need to speak clearly, powerfully, and effectively - and get what you want through the power of speech! With this audiobook, you will learn:

•  How to make a knockout first impression
•  How to minimize accents and dialects
•  How to overcome "stage fright"
•  Powerful public speaking strategies
•  Job interview strategies
•  Voicemail do's and don'ts
•  The top 10 vocal sins

With these and other valuable strategies in Speaking Effective English!, you will improve your speech and reap the rewards of success!

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