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Beyond Words
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Beyond Words

Author : John Humphrys
Narrator : John Humphrys
Publisher : Hodder & Stoughton Audiobooks
Length : 2 hours
Categories : Self Help
Our Price : $16.75
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What are the words and expressions that irk, intrigue and provoke John Humphrys?

Why must everything be a fun event? What are eye shine days? When did we start calling charities the 'third sector' and insisting on 'deliverables'? Why has the word 'respect' found its street cred when 'authority' and 'trust' have lost theirs?

Who could imagine that 'thank you ' would grate in its chummy media over-use? Why do civil servants work in 'silos'? Who's 'empowered' in the 'grey limelight'? Whatever is the American army's 'product offering' ?

And are you sure you know your 'PANDA from your 'SMIF' or your 'SEF'?

Here the ever-popular presenter of the Today programme and best-selling author of Lost for Words takes a sharp look at our current phrases and expressions to expose the often hidden attitudes that lie behind them - from the schoolroom to the boardroom, from Westminster to the weather forecast.

Questioning some assumptions, puncturing our illusions and illuminating the way we live now, Beyond Words is a small audiobook that speaks volumes.

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