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Art of Spooning, The
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Art of Spooning, The

Author : Jim Grace
Narrator : Kathy Garver
Publisher : Listen & Live
Length : 1 hour
Categories : Sex & Relationships
Sex & Relationships
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What is Spooning?

Spooning is a kind of horizontal hug, two bodies curling up so they both fit perfectly into each other's nooks and comfy places - like two spoons in a drawer!

Never spooned before? Well, fear not! Expert spooners will guide you through the Standard Spoon for beginners and carefully lead you to more complex and adventuresome spoons.

With helpful tips on simple pleasures to set - and keep - a romantic, spoonful mood, The Art of Spooning will bring out the spooner in you!

Kathy Garver is best known for her role as "Cissy" in the CBS prime time hit, "Family Affair," one of the most enduring television shows of the 1960s. She has also performed in countless films, including The Ten Commandments, Apollo 13, Parenthood and Backdraft.

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