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4-Hour Work Week, The: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich
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4-Hour Work Week, The: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich

Author : Timothy Ferriss
Narrator : Ray Porter
Publisher : Blackstone Audio Inc
Length : 8 hours 30 minutes
Categories : Starting a Business
Time Management
Our Price : $16.95
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"It's about time this book was written. It is a long-overdue manifesto for the mobile lifestyle, and Tim Ferriss is the ideal ambassador. This will be huge."
--Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

"Sick of the rat race? Tim is the future!"
--Tim Colvin, office of the CTO, Morgan Stanley

Tim Ferriss is an extraordinary young man on a mission. The twenty-eight-year-old serial vagabond and successful entrepreneur has been teaching a wildly popular course at Princeton University for the past four years: a how-to and why-to guide to throwing out the old methods for success (balancing life and work, retiring well, having a great nest egg) and replacing them with an entirely new way of living.

The 4-Hour Work Week explains what a lifestyle entrepreneur is and why you should want to become one. It teaches you how to kill your job and design a life, the 80/20 rule and how it increases productivity, how to replace your dreams with goals, and more. Listeners can lead a rich life by working only four hours a week, freeing up the rest of their time to spend it living the lives they want.

Fantastic even for Europeans
Nicolas from Berlin - 28 May 2007
This is book is really great. I have always been skeptical about American books and stories on how to feel better, live better. If you watch Dr.Phil or listen to W. Dyer, every second successful billionaire in America was either a high scholl drop out, buried in debts at 20 or a drug addict. This is why the book is so refreshing. Simple "down to earth approach". It sure will work in Europe as well Nicolas
Excellent resource
Book Sleuth "Book Sleuth" from Atlanta - 03 Aug 2007
This is a great product for anyone trying to launch a new business on a shoestring budget. Most people have some level of familiarity with outsourcing, but Ferriss takes it to its most extreme use and shows how to make the most productive use of your time while delegating tasks that don't require your personal attention. I also purchased the hardcover book so that I would have a more convenient way to find the web resources he names throughout the book. This is a must-own for any aspiring entrepreneur.
Something to get excited about!
John Mignano from Warburton - 08 Oct 2007
An exceptionally practical, indispensable and valuable resource for smart business people… Freedom awaits those who listen to Timothy Ferriss's brilliant audiobook! I'm totally inspired by The 4-Hour Workweek, a true practical shortcut to solving all the stress related work headaches and time issues. Just get your ego out of the way and flow over the hump so you can start living without being over worked. It's your lifestyle right, so this is definetly a positive must-have shift to the way you live with the options available to you.

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