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Over Our Dead Bodies
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Over Our Dead Bodies

Author : Angela Howard
Narrator : Full Cast Production
Runtime : 45 minutes
Categories : Humor
Download Price : $1.00

If you want to create a tangled web, it isn't always neccessary to PRACTISE to deceive.

Here, an off-the-cuff white lie about a smear of blood and a garage door leads two young twins to alarming assumptions about their well-meaning but not entirely blameless father.

We should like to pay particular tribute to Jean Donald for taking over the part of Paula with only one rehearsal. Happily, Rose Butcher, who was not well enough to record, should be back with us for future productions.

Cast List:
Lilian Kerr... Janet Farmer
Frank Cutler... Chris Metson
Cliff Cutler... Richard Tustin
Cindy Cutler... Lauren Ballard
Berni Walsh... Lauren Ballard
Helen Bartram... Emma Savage
Brenda Bartram... Jackie Lewis
Father Vernon Harris... Roger Aldous
P.C. Paula Maynard... Paula Donald

Written & Directed by John Glasscock
Adapted from a short story by Angela Howard
Audio Realisation by Dennis Rookard for Hosiprog Productions

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