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New Dibble Show, The - Season 3 - Episode 05: Seeing Orange
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New Dibble Show, The - Season 3 - Episode 05: Seeing Orange

Author : Jerry Robbins
Narrator : Full Cast Production
Colonial Radio Theatre On The Air
Runtime : 25 minutes
Categories : Humor
Radio Shows
Download Price : $1.50
Join Dibble and the gang for a third season of laughs and fun On "The All New Dibble Show!" It's the Colonial Radio Theatre's comedy series that is a hit with kids from 6 to 96! Everyone has a favorite character - Jake Tuxley (the ham actor), Penelope Parsnip (President of the South Sea Island Girls, Aux. Chapter 103), Reginald (actor wanna be), Officer O'Grady (Mayham's only cop), Mr. Bucky (is he really over 200 years old?), Mr. Peabody (the Town Hall Custodian), Mayor Keating (he would rather be in Show Biz), Rita (the diner lady), Westbrook Ahern (Announcer with an attitude), and Dibble (the 3'3 15 Watt Staa of the Air). For some good old fashioned fun and a ton of smiles and laughs, pay a visit to Mayham - and THE ALL NEW DIBBLE SHOW!

SEEING ORANGE As Dibble has a little accident with Westbrook’s Rolls Royce, Mayor Keating announces he will be moving to Florida.

Executive Producer Mark Vander Berg
Music By Jeffrey Gage
Written, Produced and Directed By Jerry Robbins
Consistently Funny
Jennifer M. from New York - 04 Aug 2005
The "All New Dibble Show" is one of the most enjoyable spoken-word experiences I can think of off the top of my head. The plots are always wacky, the timing impeccable, and the characters are an utterly wacky, likable crew who have me in stitches from start to finish. Whenever I need a good laugh, I pop in "Seeing Orange," if only for the matronly Penelope Parsnip's umbrella gags, which never fail to crack me up on a bad day. Worth a listen for all fans of old-time radio!

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