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Maggie's Market
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Maggie's Market

Written By : Dee Williams
Narrated By : Roe Kendall
Published By : Blackstone Audio Inc
Runtime : 10 hours 30 minutes
Download Price : $19.95

"Roe Kendall does an especially good job with the lead. [She] narrates about
a dozen different characters with poise, providing listeners with a heartwarming story."

It's 1935, and Maggie Ross loves her life among the stallholders in Kelvin Market where her
husband Tony has a bric-a-brac stall and where she lives, with her young family, above Mr.
Goldman's tailoring shop. But when one fine spring day her husband disappears into thin air,
her world collapses.

The last anyone saw of Tony was at Rotherhithe station, where Mr. Goldman glimpsed him
boarding a train, though Maggie can only guess at her husband's destination or his reason
for leaving so suddenly when she's got a baby on the way. What she does begin to learn
is who her real friends are, as she struggles to bring her children up alone. There's outspoken,
golden-hearted Winnie, and cheeky Eve whom she's known since girlhood. And then there's
Inspector Matthews, the policeman sent to investigate her husband's disappearance, to whom
Maggie is increasingly drawn.

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