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Sharing Knife,The, Vol. 2: Legacy
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Sharing Knife,The, Vol. 2: Legacy

Written By : Lois McMaster Bujold
Narrated By : Bernadette Dunne
Published By : Blackstone Audio Inc
Runtime : 13 hours
Action & Adventure
Download Price : $49.95 $26.95

Filled with magic, heroism, and all-too-human characters, Bujold's Sharing Knife saga is both a gripping adventure and a poignant romance.

In this second volume, Fawn Bluefield, the clever farm girl, and Dag Redwing Hickory, the seasoned Lakewalker soldier-sorcerer, are newly married. Their arrival at Dag's home on Hickory Lake Camp is met with prejudice and suspicion, as many in the camp deny the literal bond between Dag and Fawn, woven in blood in the Lakewalker magical way.

Then Dag is called away by an unexpected and vicious malice attack on a neighboring hinterland, threatening Lakewalkers and farmers both.

What his patrol discovers there will not only change Dag and his new bride but will call into question the uneasy relationship between their peoples, and may even offer hope of a less divided future.

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