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Heart of the Night
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Heart of the Night

Written By : Barbara Delinsky
Narrated By : Sandra Burr
Published By : Brilliance Audio Inc
Runtime : 14 hours 19 minutes
Download Price : $24.95
Dear Reader,

When I think of Heart of the Night, I think of one of the characters in the book, late-night disc jockey Jared Snow. So do many of my readers, if the mail they send me is any indication. It's his voice - always his voice - there on the radio, as soothing as a massage and twice as sexy. For me, Jared Snow is also a concept, the idea that a single voice on the radio is heard by many different people, with a different effect on each.

I wrote Heart of the Night in 1988. I was still writing category romances at the time, but this book is different. In the solving of the kidnapping of a society wife, it has a strong element of mystery. In the relationship between twins Savannah and Susan, it explores the issue of sibling rivalry. And yes, it has a love story, but one that is deeper, stronger, and hotter than I had been allowed by the constraints of the genre.

How does Jared Snow fit in? As Savannah and Susan look for the missing woman, the trail they follow leads to one desperate voice, that of an anonymous caller who pours out her heart to a certain radio personality.

My writing style has changed since I wrote this book, but the heart and soul of my characters have not. The emotional intensity here is the very same that marks my current work. Please enjoy Heart of the Night as much as I did then -and do now.


Barbara Delinsky

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