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Make Mine a Pint! - Series One
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Make Mine a Pint! - Series One

Written By : Dennis Rookard
Narrated By : John Glasscock
Published By : Hosiprog
Runtime : 30 minutes
Download Price : $1.00
The Stories
  • Introducing the Gang
  • The Trainee Village Idiot
  • The Viking Funereal
  • The Ghost Dog
  • Gold Under The Car Park
  • The New Rolls Royce
  • The Lost Pub Outing
  • Pickled Carrots
  • Jack's Girl Friend
  • The Visit

According to Author Dennis Rookard, The Travellers Rest is a little off the beaten track and rather hard to find for the first timer. But should you ever be in Brentwood, Essex and venture down New Road, you'll find the Traveller's Rest tucked in between the United Reform Church and the old Court House, and just across the road from the Library.
True the pub is not much to look at, being a bit down at heal both inside and out, and sadly in need of a coat of paint. But that's the way the regulars of this back street pub like it. And so will you.

Written by Dennis Rookard and read by John Glasscock.

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