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Grumpy Grandad in Santa's Grotto
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Grumpy Grandad in Santa's Grotto

Written By : Ann Twigg
Narrated By : Ann Twigg
Published By : Playtime Books
Length : 37 minutes
Type : Short Stories
Under 10s
Action & Adventure
Price : $4.99
Just in time for Christmas: To make sure there's enough money for the Christmas holidays, Grumpy Grandad reluctantly goes to work in Santa's grotto when Santa is taken ill. Quite to everyone's surprise, he actually enjoys working as Santa - until he meets a little boy called Andrew that is.... "More fun and capers with Grumpy Grandad in this, our first Christmas story."

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Justin Morgan Had a Horse

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The final novel chronicling the adventures and misadventures of the March family, Jo’s Boys is entertaining, surprising, and an overall joy to listen to. Set ten years after Little Men, Jo’s Boys revisits Plumfield, the New England school still presided over by Jo and her husband, Professor... See full description...
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Chronicles of Avonlea

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Peter Pan

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Narrated By : Roe Kendall
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As a baby, Peter Pan falls out of his carriage and is taken by fairies to Never-Never Land. There he can fly, and he befriends the fairy Tinker Bell. After Peter revisits England, Wendy Darling and... See full description...
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