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Justin Morgan Had a Horse
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Justin Morgan Had a Horse

Written By : Marguerite Henry
Narrated By : Patrick Lawlor
Published By : Blackstone Audio Inc
Length : 3 hours 30 minutes
Type : Juvenile
Price : $39.95 $19.95

"A thing of beauty in every respect and a treasured addition to the home library."
Washington Post

"Nope, that little feller don't look like he'll amount to much." That's what almost everyone said
about Little Bub. But young Joel Goss knew that Little Bub was a special colt, even though he
was a runt. When schoolteacher Justin Morgan asked Joel to gentle the colt, Joel was thrilled.
Little Bub proved that size and breed weren't everything. Soon word spread throughout the entire
Northeast that this spirited colt could pull heavier loads than a pair of oxen and run faster than

This book, which garnered a Newbery Honor, presents the true story of a simple horse who,
through pure spirit, rose to greatness. His descendants, who helped settlers tame the American
wilderness, would become a world-famous breed of American horses, the Morgan.

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