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Author : John Carter
Narrator : Full Cast Production
Published By : Hosiprog
Duration : 28 minutes
Categories : Humor
Price : $1.00
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This was going to be a bad hair day for Julie. The only thing that can bring her comfort and get her through the day is her CAT. Problem is the beast had friends down the road who feed him. Result a stuck cat in the cat flap. What follows next develops into utter farce.

Cast List:
Julie Neave... Frona Mannion
Ben Neave... John Glasscock
Kate Neave... Angela Neville
Barty Moxon... John Lawrence
Stan Peterson... Peter Seaman
Furballs... Marian Neville

Produced & Directed by John Glasscock & Rita Mayn
Sound Effects by Tony Lavender & John Carter
Written by John Carter. Adapted by John Glasscock
Audio Realisation by Dennis Rookard

No animals were mistreated during the recording of this production
- Only humans.

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