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Dance, The
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Dance, The

Author : Oriah Mountain Dreamer
Narrator : Oriah Mountain Dreamer
Published By : Harper Collins US
Duration : 5 hours
Categories : Poetry
Inspiration & Devotion
Price : $27.50 $19.95
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"You have a true higher self and [The Dance] tells you how to come from there all the time and be authentic and make a lasting difference."  --- Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of the New York Times bestselling series Chicken Soup for the Soul

Welcome to The Dance. In this compelling audio, the acclaimed author of The Invitation challenges listeners to savor the everyday world of family friends, love, and work, with clear minds and open hearts. When we are physically and emotionally stressed and our spirits are depleted, we must realize that happiness has not vanished, but is buried under the clutter of our harried lives. With rare courage and honesty, Oriah Mountain Dreamer unveils the challenge of her inspiring poem through compelling stories from her own experience, offering us tools not to change but to become fully the person we already are.

To dance is to discover a gift that we can give ourselves again and again over a lifetime and to be who we truly are as we live our soul's desires. To do this, we must learn how to let go and slow down, returning to the sacred emptiness where we encounter our true self Practical, inspiring, and profoundly illuminating, The Dance is an invitation to discover a place of connection, serenity, and joy that is uniquely our own.

Oriah Mountain Dreamer is a visionary teacher and writer, and author of the bestselling The Invitation. She speaks and leads workshops, ceremonies and retreats throughout the United States and Canada.

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