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Yoga Basics
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Yoga Basics

Author : Michael Hawkins
Performed By : Charles Hawkins
Publisher : Know more about
Duration : 49 minutes
Categories : Alternative Therapies
Self Help
Price : $12.95

Learn all about Yoga - the way it was meant to be enjoyed and practised.

Have you been thinking about taking up yoga, but there where too many questions stopping you to actually attend a class?

Then this is the audiobook for you!

In under an hour, you will learn exactly what yoga is all about, where it came from and what you can expect to achieve by practising it.

Drawing from the wisdom and experience of top practitioners and researchers in the field, you will learn more about:

  • What Yoga is and, perhaps even more importantly, what it isn't
  • Exactly why Yoga can be so beneficial for you
  • Different kinds of Yoga, helping you to determine which branch may be right for you
  • Which Yoga equipment and accessories there are and how to choose exactly what you need
  • Invaluable advice beginners need to have a positive Yoga experience right from the start

Don't spend hours wading through article after article about Yoga (of which some are bound to contain pure misinformation). Download your copy of Yoga Basics today, grab yourself a cup of tea and your audio player, and in less than an hour you will be much better informed about the fascinating world of yoga.

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