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Why Men Don't Date
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Why Men Don't Date

Author : Otto Haugland
Performed By : Otto Haugland and Julie Schaller
Publisher : Listen & Live
Duration : 3 hours
Categories : Sex & Relationships
Sex & Relationships
Price : $16.95 $11.00

Let's face it, finding a good relationship is not like buying a lottery ticket. It's not based on luck and it's certainly not easy. It involves effort - a lot of effort - but it's worth it!

In his honest, down-to-earth style, author Otto Haughland draws a blueprint for women to better understand men, and for men to better understand themselves.

Insightful, humerous and light-hearted, he cleverly categorizes the various types of daters: from the Scud Missile dater to the Velcro dater. His suggestions for overcoming the bariers that keep us all from meeting the right person are invaluable.

Otto Haugland has been a motivational speaker, dating consultant and relationship expert for the past ten years. He has a particularly strong following in the Northwest, where he has adressed many Christian and religious conferences. The thirty-eight year-old author received his degree from the University of Washington.

Julie Schailer has built a career as a stage and television actress. After majoring in theatre at Layola Marymount University, she performed in a variety of stage and Director's Guild projects, as well as voice-overs for industrials, commercials and animation.

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