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The 'Everything You Want To Know About Bird Feeders' Guide
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The 'Everything You Want To Know About Bird Feeders' Guide

Author : Don Smith
Performed By : Unknown
Publisher : DJ Publishing
Duration : 2 hours 27 minutes
Categories : Hobbies
Price : $29.95

Watch the birds without ever leaving your they come to you... "Who Else Wants To Attract Hundreds Of Birds To Your Bird Feeders -- In Record Time?" This book was written to try and demystify the odd world known to all birders as bird feeding.

To that end I’ve sectioned this book off into what I hope are logical sequences, but which will all ultimately tie in together anyway.  You might find that parts are repeated here and there where it was absolutely unavoidable for me to keep it out.  As you go along you’ll find that almost everything in birding is interrelated and you just can’t go into one subject without encroaching on another. In these cases I’ve not rehashed the same information, but have instead referred you back to the original section where there’s more detail.

In my book, you'll get the "Bird Man Secrets" like...

- The 6 best places to shop for your bird feeders if you want "store bought" convenience.
Why have a bird feeder at all, and how long you can expect it to last.
Special considerations for hummingbirds and Orioles.
What you should - or shouldn't - have in the area around your feeder.
What you absolutely must know about bird baths and water troughs.
- F
ighting - and winning - the battle against squirrels.
Which feeders for which birds -- the real truth about what works.
What to use as bird food -- basic menus, seeds, suets, fruits, nectar and more.
What you you must never feed birds - so you don't kill them!
Getting your kids involved in boodling, setting up, and maintaining your bird feeders -- one of the best family activities ever.
Discouraging the large birds.
Steps you absolutely must take to protect you and your family from diseases and ailments.
How to prevent window collisions -- and what to do when you find a stunned bird.
The facts about Bird Flu -- should you be afraid?

So what can you get out of this book (besides odd insights into my crazy world)? Basically, almost anything and everything that you’ll ever want to know about birding.  Naturally there’ll be some things that aren’t covered here but for the most part you should find what you need to start you off on a jaunt into the world of bird feeding.

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