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Secret Guide to Relaxing and Banishing Stress Forever, The
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Secret Guide to Relaxing and Banishing Stress Forever, The

Author : Maggie Lawrie
Performed By : Maggie Lawrie
Publisher : BBC Audiobooks Ltd
Duration : 49 minutes
Categories : Stress Management
Health & Fitness
Exercise & Healthy Living
Price : $13.49
The Secret Guide to Relaxing And Banishing Stress for Ever
What is the secret to feeling relaxed? This audio programme will help remove stress and worry. On track 1 you will learn simple techniques that you can use anytime and track 2 is a unique relaxation, which leaves you feeling free and relaxed. The calming messages help you gain a new perspective on your life. You’ll find it much easier to make decisions and get on with enjoying your life.

"Listening to this really changed the way I feel and think about myself and EVERYTHING in my life... work and home"
Miss Z, UK
Maggie Lawrie is one of the UK’s top success coaches. The results she gets for her clients are incredible and she passes the same techniques onto you in her audio programmes. She asks “Do you really want to stop the worry now and are you prepared to take these few simple steps? When you do this you’ll feel relaxed, sleep well, feel calm and gain a new perspective”.

"This helped me focus on happy things which truly did make me fell more relaxed. It's great to just stop "doing" and unwind easily"
Mrs M, Asia
Maggie is an expert in relaxation techniques. She has a warm and encouraging voice. She says “I just want everyone anywhere in the world to know they can relax and start enjoying their life now”.

"After listening to the recording I always feel extremely peaceful and calm and able to deal with any situation. I whole-heartedly recommend that you buy these recordings. They are quite literally, life-changing."
Mrs C, UK
"I loved the fact that I am now focussing on what I do want in my life on a daily basis and I feel I have all the help I need at my fingertips with this recording".
Mr F, UK
Jane Smith from Dorset - 06 Nov 2006
Maggie has a very relaxing voice and sounds like she truly does understand what its like to be stressed out. I'm amazed I feel so light after listening to the relaxation. She does point out its not rocket science but somehow after listening I felt like a new woman. My friends at work have even commented on the difference so I would certainly recomend this to anyone.
Stress Free Now!!
Robert Bentley from London - 09 Nov 2006
At last, something that actually works! Thank you Maggie. This is a straighforward product that actually delivers. I feel so relaxed and feel that I can get on with my life now. Best thing I've bought in ages!!
What a lovely voice
Nigel Goodhall from Telford - 14 Nov 2006
This lady has a really lovely voice, makes you feel like you've known her for years. I really liked the content too. Good practical advice to remind you that there are more important things in life that we should be concentrating on. I'd never done a relaxation before but I enjoyed it and have actually listened to it regularly since. Highly recommended.

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