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Raising Children Bilingually
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Raising Children Bilingually

Author : Alan Twigg
Performed By : Alan Twigg
Publisher : Playtime Books
Duration : 1 hour 2 minutes
Categories : Foreign Language Content
Self Help
Language Courses
Self Help
Price : $9.99

A Motivational Audio Guide by Alan Twigg

This unique audio book has been written to be a guide and encouragement for anyone raising or thinking of raising children bilingually, regardless of which languages happen to be involved.

It explains the advantages of becoming bilingual, the most important factors in raising a child bilingually, whether to achieve success by concentrating on one language first, the way in which your child's attitude and even gender can affect his or her progress, how to approach learning to read and a large number of other subjects. 

In addition to all this practical information, the author also shares some of the funny and interesting experiences that have happened to his family over the past 10 years, as well asking his bilingual children to demonstrate how far they have come in German and English.

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