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High Energy Living
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High Energy Living

Author : Sudhir Jonathan Foust
Performed By : Sudhir Jonathan Foust
Publisher : Simon & Schuster
Duration : 2 hours
Categories : Alternative Therapies
Personal Growth
Alternative Therapies
Price : $19.95 $11.95

Senior teacher at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health™ Sudhir Jonathan Foust helpts you to regain your core vitality.

In this original audiobook, Sudhir Jonathan Foust has designed a series of guided experiences that allow you to tap into your core vitality and grow energized, vibrant, and fully alive.

Sudhir's sessions focus on: Awakening to Subtle Energy; Releasing Reactivity, Clearing the Physical Body and Creating Wellness; Clearing the Emotional Body and Creating Ease of Well-Being; Clearing the Mental Body and Creating Infinite Possibility; and Optimal Wellness—Creating Your Ideal Self These sessions will help you break through physical and emotional blocks, leaving you happy, free, and full of energy.

High Energy Living includes a Companion Musical Reflection CD, which will provide a soothing harmonious foundation for your inner experiences, keeping you awake, present, and in the moment.

As with all InnerLife audio programs, High Energy Living offers you guided one-on-one sessions with leading experts in the field of personal growth. You will gain more valuable insight every time you listen.

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Health & Fitness
Personal Growth
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