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Get Up and Do It !
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Get Up and Do It !

Author : Beechy & Josephine Colclough
Performed By : Beechy & Josephine Colclough
Publisher : BBC Audiobooks Ltd
Duration : 1 hour 10 minutes
Categories : Self Help
Personal Growth
Price : $13.49
Transform your working and personal lives with these strategies for personal and business success.

Sometimes our goals seem like unobtainable fantasies, but the key to success is making motivational thinking part of everyday life. In Get Up and Do It! the authors explain how to develop a plan to achieve your goals by planning, practising and adopting positive thinking, as well as other problem-solving skills.

With Get Up and Do It! you'll be able to decide what you want to achieve and why, and then create a "can do" frame of mind.

Based on the BBC book of the same name, this audio version is written and presented by the authors. Beechy and Josephine Colclough are chartered psychotherapists. Beechy is well known for his work with celebrities, including Elton John, Robbie Williams and Caroline Aherne.

The BBC Personal Development series is aimed at anyone eager to develop and improve their skills and self-confidence. Written and presented by experts, the easy, step-by-step techniques will help generate self confidence in an ever-competitive and pressurised society.

Other titles in the CD series include Be Creative, The Confidence Plan and Find The Balance.

This audiobook contains relaxation techniques which should not be practised while driving.

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Balance: In Search of the Lost Sense

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Kids Sports Enhancement Series:  Winning the Mind Game - Darts Performance

Kids Sports Enhancement Series: Winning the Mind Game - Darts Performance

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Publisher : International Medical & Health Writers, Ltd.
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Talking Chef, The, Easy Asian Banquet, Charmaine Solomon

Talking Chef, The, Easy Asian Banquet, Charmaine Solomon

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