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Eat Smart, Walk Strong
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Eat Smart, Walk Strong

Author : Leslie Sansone
Performed By : Leslie Sansone
Publisher : Hachette Audio
Duration : 4 hours
Categories : Diet & Nutrition
Exercise & Healthy Living
Health & Fitness
Price : $24.98 $14.98
There are many small ways we sabotage our health without realizing it. By recognizing these bad habits and developing good ones through small changes, we can see big results. Using her proven six-week-plan format, Leslie teaches readers how to eat healthier and smarter one habit at a time. Because we are all created differently, a quick quiz about your current eating habits will help you customize Leslie's plan to your own needs and lifestyle. Each week you will learn a different habit with numerous tips on how to apply it effectively, including:

Intentional eating-how to improve your enjoyment of food

Breakfast-why it really is the most important meal of the day

Portion control-recognizing what a normal serving size looks like

Slow eating-food choices that are sure to fire up your metabolism

Snacking-are you a traditionalist or a grazer?

Restaurant dining-six strategies that will guarantee healthier meals out

You'll also learn about special focus foods that have remarkable abilities to help you lose weight and get healthy without dieting. You'll discover smart and tasty ways to incorporate these foods into your diet, along with an extensive section of quick and easy recipes for delicious meals and snacks. At the end of each week, a progress report will help you to apply the habit of the week, track your improvement, and record the eating habits you choose to adopt along the way. Before you know it, you'll be looking better, feeling healthier, and eating smarter!

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Training and Development
Sex & Relationships
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