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Curing Your Anxiety And Panic Attacks
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Curing Your Anxiety And Panic Attacks

Author : Don Smith
Performed By : Unknown
Publisher : DJ Publishing
Duration : 2 hours 48 minutes
Categories : Self Help
Stress Management
Price : $29.95

Attention: You Do Not Have To Live With Anxiety And Panic... Would You Like To Cure Your Anxiety And Panic Attacks Immediately -- And Live Free From Fear Forever?

Are You Ready To Stop Your Anxiety And Panic Attacks Right Now, Today -- Even If You've Tried Everything Else And Failed? Everyone's situation is different -- so I can't make you any promises. But I can tell you I've suffered from those life-stopping panic attacks myself. And I've gotten instant relief. Could that happen for you, too? I think it could.

And I can tell you this...

- If you want to know why you have panic and anxiety to start with...
And want to know how to tell the difference between anxiety and more serious conditions...
If you want real answers about how to make the fear go away...

Then you need this book. In this book, you'll get answers to these questions...

- How to cope with a panic attack -- and escape the fear that something terrible is about to happen.
Breathing techniques that can bring an oasis of calm to your troubled world once and for all.
The little-known relaxation techniques that can take you from "10" on the panic scale back down to "2" in mere seconds.
The specific panic and anxiety triggers that are responsible for almost all attacks - how to avoid them, how to identify them, and how to neutralize their effects on you.
- Why you may have in fact been "born with it" -- the role that heredity and genetics play in your panic and anxiety.
The "quick hit list" that will let you instantly identify what kind of panic and anxiety disorder you suffer from. You can't break free from this condition until you know exactly what the condition is!
Steps you must take now if your child has a Panic or Anxiety Disorder.
The critical ties between Panic/Anxiety Disorders and Depression; the warning signs and danger signals that can save your life -- or the life of someone you love.
When should you use drugs - and when should you try the natural remedies for Anxiety and Panic?
- W
hat you can do if you don't have money for medicine; yes, there are options. Once you read this, you'll know exactly what to do next.
Lifestyle changes you can make that will relieve your anxiety, panic, and depression.
Herbal tea recipes that can dissipate anxiety and fear like wind blowing away the fog.
What you must never eat if you want to escape the soul-crushing grip of Anxiety and Panic.
The Indian health secrets that are thousands of years old, but just now being acknowledged by Western medicine -- and how they can make your fear and panic vanish almost overnight.
The built-in brain-change mechanism that is more powerful than any other. We all have it -- now you will know how to use it to change your state in mere seconds.
A five-minute lesson in meditation and yoga that lets you tap into your bodies own calming and centering powers; years of study at a temple or ashram are not required.
How to choose relaxation and hypnotic tapes and CDs that actually work, and avoid the ones that are a useless waste of money and time.
How to seek out medical help without fear of getting hooked on mind-altering drugs.

By getting this book you’ve already taken one step in admitting your problem and finding a cure for yourself. Even in the toughest of times when you’re suffering badly and you think you’re alone in this world remember that you took this giant step by getting this book, and that you did it all by yourself. It doesn’t matter if someone else bought or recommended the book, what matters here is that you have the courage to read on. 

You'll Receive The Audio Book Plus The 100-Page eBook!

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