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Blue Book of Freedom, The
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Blue Book of Freedom, The

Author : R.J. Rummel
Performed By : John Wagner
Publisher : Big Happy Family, LLC
Duration : 3 hours 15 minutes
Categories : Health & Recreation
Self Help
Price : $16.00

As a species, we have been killing ourselves by the millions in war after war throughout history. Now, finally, we have the power of knowledge to end forever - or at least drastically reduce - all this human slaughter.

Freedom gives us the answer. Until all people everywhere enjoy this freedom, we must foster at least some freedom where none exists, to lessen the mass killing by war. War is an evil, and the fact that it has necessarily been fought by free people to preserve their freedom, makes it no less so.

What would eliminate this evil must be a moral good!

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Freakonomics (Unabridged)

Freakonomics (Unabridged)

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