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Little Britain - Best of TV Series 1
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Little Britain - Best of TV Series 1

Written By : Matt Lucas and David Walliams
Narrated By : Matt Lucas and David Walliams
Publisher : BBC Audiobooks Ltd
Length : 1 hour
Type : Humor
TV & Film
Price : $13.49
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'The pair are the undisputed kings of TV comedy...' --- The Guardian
'The show's become a proper phenomenon' --- Heat magazine

'Britain, Britain, Britain. Land of tradition, fish and fries, the changing of the garden. Have you ever wondered about the people of Britain? Neither have I... '

In these highlights of the first BBC TV series, Lou takes Andy to the opera - 'I don't like it!', to the pet shop - 'I want a rabbit!' - and on holiday to Helsinki - 'I want to go to Florida!' Lou also offers to paint Andy's bedroom: 'Now, are you sure you want red... ?'

Unconvincing transvestite Emily Howard, or rather Eddie Howard, turns mechanic, and goes for a stroll along the prom (as ladies do). Ray McCooney's tax payments are overdue, but can he give a cheque today? 'Mebbe I can and mebbe I can't...'

At DIY Universe, Des Kaye - "Wicky woo!' - is hard at work, while Sam Bailey has a driving lesson in the Duchess with an unusual driving instructor. Yesterday's test on crisps at Kelsey Grammar School does not make for happy reading: There is no such flavour as Prawn Collymore', and there's the scariest babysitter you've ever heard.

With Tom Baker's nonsensical narration, and guest-starring David Soul, 'I think it's fair to say that this is arguably the finest series ever broadcast Good bybe!'

Written By
Matt Lucas and David Walliams

16 September 2003


BAFTA Award: Best Comedy Programme or Series, 2003
British Comedy Awards, 2003: David Walliams, Best Newcomer
Royal Television Society Awards, 2004: Best Comedy Performance and Best Entertainment

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