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Ten Things Your Minister Wants to Tell You (But Can't, Because He Needs the Job)
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Ten Things Your Minister Wants to Tell You (But Can't, Because He Needs the Job)

Author : Oliver "Buzz" Thomas
Narrator : Oliver "Buzz" Thomas
Publisher : Blackstone Audio Inc
Length : 2 hours 30 minutes
Categories : Religion & Spiritual
Our Price : $9.95
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"How did it all begin?" "What happens when we die?" These are just two
of the questions Reverend Oliver "Buzz" Thomas hears centrist Christians asking as he
travels across the United States, and he knows that their voices are not being heard.
They're people of faith, not of politics, and they want more from their religion than a voter's

Now, Reverend Thomas has written a book that will become the liberal Christian answer to
The Purpose Driven Life. Thomas writes sensitively about the reason we were put
on this earth, the significance of the Bible, and how one pleases God. He answers difficult,
contemporary questions like "What about homosexuality?" and "What about other faiths?"
while weaving in a sensible Christian theology for modern living.

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