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Spinoza in 90 Minutes
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Spinoza in 90 Minutes

Author : Paul Strathern
Narrator : Robert Whitfield
Publisher : Blackstone Audio Inc
Length : 1 hour
Categories : Philosophy
Our Price : $19.95 $9.95
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"Well-written, clear, and informed, they have a breezy wit about them.
I find them hard to stop reading."New York Times

"Witty, illuminating, and blessedly concise."Wall Street Journal

Spinoza's brilliant metaphysical system was derived neither from reality nor experience.
Starting from basic assumptions, with a series of geometric proofs he built a universe which
was also God, one and the same thing, the classic example of pantheism. Although his
system seems an oddity today, Spinoza's conclusions are deeply in accord with modern
thought, from science (the holistic ethics of today's ecologists) to politics (the idea that the
state exists to protect the individual). Both Spinoza's system and conclusions have compelling
beauty unequaled in the history of philosophy.

In Spinoza in 90 Minutes, Paul Strathern offers a concise, expert account of Spinoza's life
and ideas, and explains their influence on man's struggle to understand his existence in the world.
The book also includes selections from Spinoza's work, a brief list of suggested readings for those
who wish to delve deeper, and chronologies that place Spinoza within his own age and in the broader
scheme of philosophy.

Paul Strathern earned a degree in philosophy at Trinity College, Dublin, and has lectured in philosophy and mathematics. A Somerset Maugham prize winner, he has written books on history, philosophy, and travel as well as five novels. His articles have appeared in numerous publications, including the Observer (London) and the Irish Times. He lives and writes in London.

Earphones Awards recipient Robert Whitfield was born in England and worked for the BBC for ten years as a radio news announcer and also worked as a narrator for the Royal National Institute for the Blind in London. In addition to narrating for Blackstone Audiobooks, he involves himself in numerous stage-acting projects in the United States and Europe.

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